Brent Butler

Butler Glass Works is a family owned and operated business that specializes in dichroic glass. Dichroic (Die-Crow-Ick) glass is one of the newest materials being used by artisans today. The origin of the term "dichroic" is Greek: "di" meaning two and "chroic" meaning color. The depth and play of the colors as the different pieces sparkle in the light is truly amazing. We believe that you will find our dichroic glass to be a unique, high quality product, exhibiting outstanding workmanship with a sense of color combinations that are unsurpassed among artglass designs.

Butler Glass Works started as a one-kiln operation functioning out of a garage and has grown in the last few years to include five kilns and has become a family passion. Our business which began in Sacramento has expanded to Brookings, Yachats and the Newport area; where it has truly found its home on the gorgeous Oregon Coast. Butler Glass Works has had the honor of showing its works at The Feats of Clay show, The SF Glass Arts Exhibition and has worked with other artist including Phil and Hazel Teefy, The Satava Studios, and glass artists from the Orient Flume. Butler Glass Works is run entirely by family and is therefore better able to cater to the individual as well as the larger client. We enjoy creating unique, one-of-a kind creations, coming up with new ideas and becoming aware of what the customer desires.As a family we consider glass to be magic, and that is the inspiration for our art



Pendants - $20 each

Pendants - $25 each

Pendants - $12 each

Earring Sets - $10each

  Earring Sets - $20 each


Earring Sets - $12 each

Earring Sets - $15 each

Wire Wrapped Pendant - $15

Jellyfish Circle - $250

Fish Lazy Susan - $125


Iridescent Dish - $69

Pendants - $18 each

Pendants - $15 each

Jellyfish Dish - $75

Jellyfish Dish - $70










Watches - $50

Beaded Bracelets - $ 25 each