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We are very excited to present with video documentaries  that have been filmed right here at our studio. Video captures the process of creating with glass very nicely.  Please take note of where you can actually purchase work featured in one of the short films here on the site.


Although our videos are usually less than 15 minutes viewing  them will require a broadband internet connection.

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Ryan Bledsoe & Mike Conrad

This outstanding video features Ryan Bledsoe and Mike Conrad of Seattle who has over 12 years experience in blowing glass. In this feature we turn out the lights so you can see the beauty of glass as it's heated and transformed. Take not of how Ryan and Mike work together in unison to create some amazing pieces which you can find in the studio.



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Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Showcase

In July we were honored to have the Newport Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors meet at the gallery for an early morning glass blowing show and tour of the facilities .Ryan is actively involved on many levels in  one of the most progressive and dynamic organizations on the Oregon Coast. Boasting over 550 member businesses and individuals, the Chamber consistently has between 15 and 20 active volunteer committees working to enhance the community and our business climate.



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