Jaime Berndt

My intrigue with the wonder of the arts began at the ripe age of 4, rolling out a plethora of snakes on newsprint in my mother’s pottery studio while she kicked her wheel round and round, pot after pot.  Fast forward to college, some parental persuasion, and out with a BSME from The University of Texas at Austin, which would one day lead to the artist’s way.   

Mechanical Engineering allowed me to lead myself into the most creative aspect of product development, that being Industrial Design which carries over into form/function of glass art as well as the aesthetic value. 

My yearning desire to create my own products, along with the allure of glowing molten glass led me to study off hand glass blowing with Gary Cohen from Fall 2001-Summer 2002 at Palomar Community College while running my Product Development Firm.

In September of 2004, late night internet research led me to an appropriate historical building soon to become my art studio in the woods of Central Coast Oregon.  I’ve since built a glass studio in my abode, frequented many of the local hot shops in the Coastal Oregon region and made friends with many fascinating local artists. 

At the moment I work as an engineer in Eugene four days a week, and blow glass at my private studio, The Edge Art Gallery, Eugene School of Glass and primarily with Mike Crowley of the Glass Hive. 

My goal is to one day support myself through creating and teaching art!  Thank you for reading my bio and all the best to you in your pursuit of dreams.

Wavy Bowl - $125

Pink Flask - $85

Blue Vase - $100

  Marble Vase - $215

Flower Lamp - $150


Lamp - $80

"Love" Lamp  - $65

Silver Wavy Bowl - $60

Cowboy Hat - $300

Ball Vase - $45


Cosmic Sunset Vase - $65

White Flower - $45

Red Flower Vase - $65

Cowboy Hat - $400

Red Crackle Vase - $75





White & Clear Vase - $75

Sandblasted Vessel - $100