Harold Lofton

Lofton's interest in metal artwork has continued and developed for more than 40 years. At present, he fabricates his artwork at his shop in Logsden. His metalwork varies in scale from small sculptures, to standing screens and furniture, to a 23-foot tall obelisk that stands in one of his pastures. The skills and knowledge of metals he has acquired through many years of commercial experience all comes into play in his creative work.
Within the past 15 years, Lofton has also learned the art of blown glass, and has built himself a completely outfitted glass studio on his Logsden property. Lofton makes blown glass vessels and free-form sculptures, and combines metal and glass to make beautiful and whimsical pieces. His home and property are a wonderland of metal and glass sculptures, both decorative and functional

Pink & Yellow Bowl - $150

Black Pot - $110

Purple & Orange Pot - $140

Black & Aqua Pot - $175

Mult- Colored Vase - $150




Blue Vase - $150

Three Mouth Vase - $200

Pink Pot - $150