Dan Anderson

Anderson Metal Art


 In my work I do not use any molds or forms. I work from the back freeform style so each piece is one of a kind. No two could ever be the same as each is handcrafted having its own personality. I use many different hammers & tools to get the texture & relief I want. Countless hours go into each piece hammering texture & life into each one.


Each time I work with copper I learn new things. No two experiences are the same. Copper speaks its own language, it responds in ways I cannot fully describe. I am amazed and dazzled by its beauty.


When a piece is finished I enjoy people looking & wanting to touch & feel the texture that Repousse can bring to each piece. It is as if it is alive.


My inspirations come from the ocean & all its wonders that I see & feel. I have been an avid surfer for over 50 yrs & every time I see the ocean it is never the same, always evolving. Change is ever present like the entire universe in which we live & that is a wonder to me & the stimulus for my art. That is the root of my inspiration.


"The world of reality has its limits, the world of imagination is boundless" - Jean Jacques Rousseau


Repousse Is a metalworking technique that dates as far back as the third century BC. Using copper as a malleable metal, it is shaped by hammering from the reverse side. The French word Repousse means to push back or out. There are few techniques that offer such diversity of expression as Repousse. The most famous Repousse piece in the world is the Statue of LIberty formed in sections using wooden structures to shape each piece during the hammering process.


Thank you for letting me share with you my art & the history of copper Repousse.


-Dan Anderson